A personal look at diverticular disease

Welcome to my web site.

I am Mary Griffiths PhD. MRPharmS. CBiol. MSB, a retired R & D pharmacist and biologist, who has had diverticular disease (DD) for nearly 40 years. I have experienced patient's problems and treatments and investigated the background of medical research and opinions. These aspects can have dubious science and are not always compatible with each other.

For more than two years I produced newsletters for a DD patient support group. Members problems and ideas were the editorial basis and members also helped by completing surveys of their experiences. When this group was taken over by a registered charity I continued writing articles for sufferers and to promote DD. This website reproduces some articles which may interest people who were not then subscribers to the charity magazines. My objectives will be met if they prompt another look at DD and help raise DD to the status it deserves.

There are no universal answers to the variety of problems produced by DD in different individuals. Self-help is needed as well as medical care when appropriate. These articles reflect my investigations and opinions and do not replace consultation, advice and treatment by a person's own doctor.

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